IBC Bunds, Spill Pallets, Anti-Slip Stair, Floor & GRP Grating

If you deal with corrosive chemicals and pollutants, a spill can be costly to your business. Reduce the risk with high quality, cost-effective spill containment - we're the manufacturer, so offer unbeatable quality, great customer service and delivery throughout the UK. We've developed our IBC Bunds and Drum Bund ranges in direct response to the latest storage regulations – so they'll keep you fully compliant and safe.


IBC Bunds, IBC Spill Pallets for spill containment of chemical or oil leaks & spills

Drum Bunds and Spill Trays for spill containment of chemical or oil leaks and spills

a_range_of_sui_generis_standard_spill_containment_bunds tank_vessel_generator_and_heavy_machinary_spill_containment_bunds space_saving_multiple_IBC_spill_containment_bunds_made_in_GB

Anti-Slip Stair Treads for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety anti_slip_landing_covers_non_slip_stairs_steps_stairways Anti-Slip & Smooth GRP Riser Plates for stairs, steps and stairways

Our Safe Tread Anti-Slip Stair Tread CoversStair Tread Landing CoversStair Riser PlatesStair NosingDecking Strips and Floor Sheets have a non-slip surface ensuring outstanding slip resistance even in wet and oily conditions, consistently reducing slips and falls in industrial, commercial and public use.

Anti-Slip Stair Nosing for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Floor sheets for non-slip floor and walkways safety spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Decking Strips or Step Strips for non-slip decks, steps and ramps



Anti-Slip Tactile paving plates spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Installation Screws Tools & Fixings spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Installation Personal Protective Equipment




Our GRP Open Mesh Grating and Mini Mesh Grating is slip resistant, corrosion & chemical resistant and fire resistant. Ideal for for platforms, walkways, flooring & covers in all sorts of aggressive and corrosive environments and at extremes of temperature. We also supply a range of clips for installation.

Waffle boards, Sand Ladders, Bridging ladders and Jack Pads


Waffle boards, Sand Ladders or Bridging ladders - can help get your vehicle out of sand, slippery mud on packed surfaces, snow and ice conditions...

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