GRP Mini Mesh Grating

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GRP Mini Mesh Floor Grating - for platforms, walkways, flooring & covers

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Colour - Grey RAL 7035

Mesh type - Open Mesh

Mesh size - 40 x 40 (20 x 20)

Thickness: 30 mm

Size: 2007 mm Length x 1007 mm Width

Size metre square: 2.0210

Bar width: 7 mm

Weight per panel: 40 kg

Weight per metre square: 18.9 kg


Mini-Mesh Grating, also known as Micro-Mesh Grating has a 12mm x 12mm open mesh area. The smaller opening prevents objects as small as 13mm from falling through and complies with the European 15mm ball falling test requirement. The smaller holes also offer smooth movement for small wheeled trolleys, prams, wheelchairs etc.

GRP Mini Mesh Grating is a versatile, reliable, high quality floor covering and credible alternative to steel mesh grating. With proven reliability in high traffic areas, the gritted anti-slip surface gives excellent slip resistance in wet, oily and icy conditions. Open Mesh Grating works equally well in all sorts of aggressive and corrosive environments and at extremes of temperature.

Very easy to install due to its relatively lightweight construction (circa half the weight of steel versions) and once in place, can simply be left and forgotten as there's no ongoing maintenance needed.

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Fibreglass Mini Mesh Grating, also known as GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic Grating or FRP - Fibre Reinforced Plastic Grating, GRP Grating, Fibreglass Grating, GPRGrating, Fiberglass Grating, Floor Grating, Plastic Grating, Steel Grating, is a credible alternative to stainless steel floor grating or galvanised steel mesh floor grating.


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Colour Grey RAL 7035
Thickness 30mm
Panel Size 2007mm x 1007mm