Anti-Slip Stair, Floor and GRP Grating - now on


Available through our delicated anti-slip website,

Designed to be a quick and cost effective solution to improving safety in potential slip hazard areas. 

Our GRP Open Mesh Grating and Mini Mesh Grating is slip resistant, corrosion & chemical resistant and fire resistant. Ideal for for platforms, walkways, flooring & covers in all sorts of aggressive and corrosive environments and at extremes of temperature. We also supply a range of clips for installation.

GRP Grating and Mini-Mesh Grating for platforms, manholes, walkways.


Waffle boards, Sand Ladders or Bridging ladders - can help get your vehicle out of sand, slippery mud on packed surfaces, snow and ice conditions...

Waffle boards, Sand Ladders, Bridging ladders and Jack Pads.

Our Safe Tread Anti-Slip Stair Tread CoversStair Tread Landing CoversStair Riser PlatesStair NosingDecking Strips and Floor Sheets have a non-slip surface ensuring outstanding slip resistance even in wet and oily conditions, consistently reducing slips and falls in industrial, commercial and public use.

Aisle and floor marking strips for floor safety. spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Decking Strips or Step Strips for non-slip decks, steps, paths and ramps. spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Floor sheets for non-slip floor and walkways safety


Anti-Slip Stair Nosing for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety Anti-Slip Stair Treads for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety Anti-Slip Stair Landing Covers for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety


Anti-Slip Tactile paving plates spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Installation Screws Tools & Fixings spacer_14x14.gif Range of clips for grating installation

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High Level Vehicle Jack Pads

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