Anti-Slip Stair, Floor and GRP Grating

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Our Anti-Slip Stair Tread Covers, Stair Tread Landing Covers, Stair Riser Plates, Stair Nosing, Decking Strips and Floor Sheets have a non-slip surface ensuring outstanding slip resistance even in wet and oily conditions, consistently reducing slips and falls in industrial, commercial and public use.



Anti-Slip Stair Nosing for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety anti_slip_decking_strips_for_non_slip_decking2 spacer_14x14.gif anti_slip_floor_sheets_for_non_slip_floors_and_walkways_2


Anti-Slip Stair Treads for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety Anti-Slip Stair Landing Covers for non-slip stair, stairway & step safety spacer_14x14.gif Anti-Slip Installation Screws Tools & Fixings


Anti-Slip GRP Grating


Our GRP Open Mesh Grating and Mini Mesh Grating is slip resistant, corrosion & chemical resistant and fire resistant. Ideal for for platforms, walkways, flooring & covers in all sorts of aggressive and corrosive environments and at extremes of temperature. We also supply a range of clips for installation.

GRP Grating and Mini-Mesh Grating for platforms, manholes, walkways.

Range of clips for grating installation