2 IBC Bund, Spill Pallet Space Saver - dispensing facility


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IBC Spill Bund Space Saver -
with dispensing facility

Spill containment Bund for 2 x 1000 litre IBC




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Designed for the long term safe bunding of IBC's and suitable for all oils and 95% of chemicals, IBC Bund Spill Pallets help you comply with current oil and chemical storage regulations.

With removable platform. The heavy-duty anti-slip gritted surface allows you to position IBC units without sliding. Your IBC spill bund can be emptied or cleaned with ease.

With unique dispensing facility. Specially designed for easy cleaning, the drip tray feature developed by Sui Generis is unique to our Bund Spill Pallet. The tray catches leaks and small spills during dispensing operations in an easy to reach area, meaning you don't have to clean the entire bund floor.

Principal Material: GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), 
Support Material: Anti-slip fibreglass grating,
Dimensions: 1930 x 1570 x 657mm
Regulation Capacity: 1100 litres, 
Actual Capacity: 1100+ litres, 
Maximum Uniformly Distributed Load: 2000 kgs, 
Weight: circa 67 kgs, 
Maximum size of IBC: 1270mm length x 1100mm width, 
Minimum size of IBC: 1110mm length x 950mm width, 
Larger or smaller IBC's can be accommodated - please call us on 01206 798 798 for info  
Suitable for ambient temperatures: -100ºc to +80ºc, 
Colour: RAL 5015 Blue



Delivery 1-2 weeks estimated.
For delivery charges please call 01206 798798 for delivery quote.


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Colour Blue
Dispensing With dispensing facility

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